With MORE IMPRESSION we combine analog letterpress and digital computer interfaces: In our printing shop we use moveable type and print without electricity – you can customise and order your personal BUSINESS CARD online.


What is the difference?
Digital fonts are calculable Bézier curves, that can be randomly repeated and sized. With letterpress we use single characters, which are joined into tailor made sequences: every single letter is actually physically located in our workshop. The 41 fonts are tucked in 8 shelves of type cases and weigh about 2 tonnes. As digital fonts they would hardly exceed 1 MB. This website is based on a stock take of all our fonts. As you can see it’s quite a range and number of characters. By inserting your text online you are effectively helping yourself to our type cases.

What about the limitations of analogue fonts?
To be confined to the existing fonts, font sizes and a finite number of available letters is a blessing in disguise: Our results are conceptually concise and present as lively design. Instead of working with the conventional 4 process colours, we print with shiny solid colours. For every colour a single printing form is needed as well as one pass through the press. A multi-colour card involves a serveral days of considered craft by your printer.

Being independent may save your soul (unknown author of fortune cookies)
Our repertoire is unique, and remains that way through constant change. This is where we involve our guest designers, to refresh the possibilities our repertory offers. Every design will be printed as a precious limited edition. Lead typesetting allows us to switch directly between designing and producing at will and we avoid the detour through a programme. Configure your own original graphic business card, check out our printshop online and share our enthusiasm: No one needs lead typesetting, but you know you want it!