MORE IMPRESSION is an online store for precise design and meticulous craft


As an online print shop for hand-set business cards, we combine analog letterpress with the digital computer interface: you can customize and order your personal business card online and we typeset and print it in our workshop in Leipzig.

As we work exclusively with movable type we are bound to the available fonts and sizes. Each letter has a life of its own and reappears in different words and texts and we like the resulting lively print. Instead of working with the conventional 4 process colours, we print with shiny solid colours. For every colour a single printing form is needed as well as one pass through the press. A multi-colour card involves a several days of considered craft by your printer.

Besides personalized business cards, we also sell ready-made card sets of 12 pieces.

Every design will be printed as a precious limited edition. Our repertoire is unique, and remains that way through constant change. This is where we involve our guest designers, Their view on material and medium enriches our work – and hopefully also theirs.


Furthermore we marbleize almost everything: sneakers and bathing slippers, flower vases and tissue paper, folding rulers and snowdrops.

Online you can order marbeld cubes in three formats and envelopes in two. We are very happy to find solutions to custom marbleize objects because we prefer to work with rather than for someone and as resource-saving as possible.


Since recently  we also sell our own digital fonts and the EBooks of the feminist series Sonderhefte.

Good design is not based on the medium, but in reflecting on the medium, its specific requirements and relationships to other media. We are specialists in our field and craft with a generalist approach to design.


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